All Saints – Andi Watson

All Saints & Dazed and Confused – Manifestos – online campaign

Year : 2014 | Country : UK| Duration : 1:20sm | Format :RED EPIC | Lens : Master Prime Macro Credited as: Director of Photography

All Saints have teamed up with the fashion power house that is Dazed and Confused to create a series of mini documentaries that showcase incredibly talented people from the UK. Autobahn was asked to produce 3 of the 5 films (the best ones of course). Directed by James and Pedro (Autobahn founders and directors), the duo wanted to push the creative and deliver unique films, true to Dazed and All Saints’s core brand values.

Andi Watson

As Radiohead’s set designer since their pub days, Andi Watson is the most celebrated set and light designer today. Having also designed stages for Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Dido amongst others, he has no shortage of stories. Having a book published on his work our challenge was to create something new, something that adds to the conversation rather than just repeat it.

After an extensive meeting where we talked about the colour of the sky, the shape of clouds and how the light refracts when waves crash by the sea we realised that to illustrate his ideas and creative process we would need more than a documentary. This film is an abstract visualisation of Andi’s brain, our take on the images that go through his head.