“Aruanda” (Trailer)


Year : 2010 | Country : United Kingdom | Duration : 58m | Format :HD | Credited as: Director, Producer, Editor and Photography

Overview Aruanda, the place where the Orixas live. The documentary talks about the invisible, what is behind the moviments that make Capoeira so catchy to our eyes. Tradition, drums, ritual, singing, energy, streight and respect. Here you can check it out the trailer and if you are interested, get in touch to get your copy.

Aruanda is a Documentary about how the Art of Capoeira can awake body and mindinto consciousness.

Shot in London, with the group Cordão de Ouro, lead by Mestre Poncianinho. Soundtrack by the briliant and recognized musician Dinho Nascimento and your group Orquestra de Berimbau do Morro do Querosene, Treme Terra and Frente 3 de Fevereiro.